7, Nov, 2018

Isabel Sagenmüller
BY: Isabel Sagenmüller

The use of teacher management software has many advantages, mainly to resolve historical administrative issues and open-up new communication and feedback opportunities.

It is necessary for higher education establishments to align internally to have an adequate transfer of knowledge among teachers in the same area.

It is vital as it enables improved teaching practices to be applied to all students alike, establishing new quality-learning methodologies and techniques in all modules, regardless of the teacher giving the class.

What is a virtual learning community and how can it help?

A virtual learning community is a group of academics that share common values and interests and who communicate through the different tools provided by current teacher management software.

These communities allow new knowledge to be generated and built, as well as the multi-directional exchange of information among community members.

Unlike a physical community, virtual communities have the advantage of being easy to implement and user-friendly, as they can be accessed from different types of devices, providing greater flexibility.

Creating this type of teacher community enables valuable and relevant information to be shared about different areas of work, such as research, techniques to improve students’ learning skills, education and good practices, among others.

Of particular interest, depending on the teacher management software used, it is also possible to record one’s thoughts on the teaching method and evidence associated with a subject with documents, videos and audios. Besides, other teachers can comment on these inputs.  

The teacher can also share its portfolio with specific people and make or receive comments, thus also contributing to an integrated teacher management assessment. 

What can a virtual learning community do for students?

Acquiring knowledge through virtual learning communities provides several advantages for both teachers and students alike as it serves as an essential supplement to traditional education:

  • Class preparation: it offers the possibility of using different resources and documents, both visual and audio-visual, creating a more productive and varied information environment.
  • New teaching techniques: it enables different virtual spaces to be developed to discuss topics, helping teachers to adapt to the learning styles and multiple intelligences of students.
  • Provision of instructions: the way that students acquire information has changed rapidly resulting in the need to rethink how knowledge is built. With a virtual community, it is possible to provide instructions and share information through a wholly interactive platform in which members connect and share their opinions.
  • Reduce conflicts with students: the role of students in teaching has significantly changed. A virtual community opens doors to a more flexible environment, allowing each person to participate at a time and location most suited to them.


The incorporation of new technology in the teaching and learning process has opened up a world of opportunities for higher education.

Using virtual communities to align and share knowledge among teachers is critical for enhancing students’ development and productivity as these platforms allow a large amount of information to be accessed and in real time.

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Isabel has more than 10 years of experience developing, leading and executing Marketing and Communication strategies at international level (EMEA, US and LATAM). She has worked for B2B organizations in different sectors such as nutrition, logistics and education. She is bilingual in German and Spanish and fluent in English and French.

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