How to help evaluators assess teacher performance with management software

26, Dec, 2018

Isabel Sagenmüller
BY: Isabel Sagenmüller

Every academic institution should have a teacher performance assessment program in which students, peers, and superiors participate.

During this process, the establishment’s academic staff is evaluated both for contractual purposes as well as to improve the educators’ professional development plans.

A teacher management software helps to ensure that this assessment is professional, factual and irrefutable.

A teacher management software helps to ensure that this assessment is professional, factual and irrefutable. to parameters and metrics that the educational establishment considers necessary and convenient.

When conducting evaluations, peers and supervisors must observe and assess educators’ abilities and skills, their execution of academics' tasks, and the quality of their teaching.

High-quality data must be collected throughout this process. It is a crucial component for projects to improve teaching practice and also to make a valuable contribution to institutional accreditation processes and degrees.

Why is it essential to use management software for teacher evaluations?

The management of teacher evaluations cannot be left to chance. The use of management software facilitates the functionality of the process and delivery of results for decision-making.

This technological solution allows teaching work to be monitored online and in real time, generating reliable data on performance so that evaluators can make an informed decision.

How to help reviewers and evaluators assess teacher performance?

A technological solution centralizes, standardizes and stores this valuable information for different applications. It also allows information about academics to be consulted in real time and online.

As a result, reviewers and evaluators weigh up the data sufficiently, without their perceptions being biased or distorted by emotional factors or new circumstances. It is for this reason that the benefits of using software to manage teachers include:

  • Mechanize and standardize information collection
  • Separate teaching tasks from administrative ones
  • Eliminate redundant data
  • Reduce the use of time and resources
  • Automate the search for and classification of teacher data
  • Online monitoring and in real time
  • Facilitate communication and feedback between teachers and evaluators
  • Provide notification functions to assessment participants


It is crucial to conduct teacher evaluations in educational establishments to improve the institution’s teaching quality.

This internal process is made easier for evaluators and reviewers with the help of a technological solution that overcomes historical academic assessment issues, opening communication and feedback opportunities that are not available when evaluations are done manually.

By allowing teaching work to be monitored online, in real time and with reliable data, evaluators have access to relevant, quality information to make decisions on the educator’s performance.

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