2, Jan, 2019

Isabel Sagenmüller
BY: Isabel Sagenmüller

Scheduling daily tasks and reporting objectives, skills, activities, and evaluations are tedious day-to-day duties that teachers need to comply with, as part of a bureaucratic process that requires submitting a report to managers or supervisors.

Can this be improved?

Accountability reporting is one of the most common activities in the teaching world. It is often a challenge for academics. It’s complex having everything in order at the end of an academic term as the information is unlikely to be aligned or centralized.

What is teaching bureaucracy?

Teaching bureaucracy consists of completing paperwork and detailed reports on academic work and other functions carried out by teachers, mainly due to the lack of administrative staff to help with this task. It usually requires teachers to spend too much time filling in forms.

The main issue of bureaucracy in teaching management is that it has a direct impact on academic quality.

Even more complicated, many institutions consider teacher bureaucracy as an essential factor affecting all levels of an educational center.

However, managers or supervisors shouldn’t only be managers but also pedagogical leaders who carry out projects to improve students’ learning quality experience and their careers.

The teaching faculty should represent human capital that allows students to develop, become educated, and transform into future professionals with clear principles, and not merely a group of people who work mechanically and with apathy, without any verifiable results and efficiency.

How to improve teaching bureaucracy?

First and foremost, managers need to understand that teachers and academics must have a clear objective: transforming a bureaucratic institute into an educational institute.

For this change to be successful, it’s essential to make a detailed assessment of the current state of the institution’s educational bureaucracy to simplify processes and prioritize what is important: training, teaching, and learning in the classroom.

Above all, managers and supervisors must dare to take a step towards the digitization and automation of processes that will help academics reduce their administrative workload.

The implementation of a teaching management platform to organize tasks or end to teacher management bureaucracy is the best alternative.

The problem is that many higher education institutions still apply traditional methodologies and don’t consider automating processes with online technologies that generate statistics, reports, and indicators. It is all useful information for decision making.

It’s evident that the tedious internal process of manually managing teaching activities becomes more manageable with the help of a technological solution with these characteristics. The benefits include:

  • Providing an overall view of work plans.
  • Accessing reports and activities in real time.
  • Processing teacher evaluations efficiently.
  • Generating reliable data on teacher performance.

Moreover, and most importantly, allowing teachers to organize their schedules both inside and outside the classroom in alignment with institutional objectives.


Implementing a platform with the functionalities above mentioned will facilitate all the reports and data to be available at the end of the academic from a centralized and reliable online source.

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