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Juan Pablo Mena
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To the educational community,

The growing expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic has reflected the need to generate strategies to build a new type of communities, we must be aware that, despite the isolation conditions to which this virus has limited us, we are not alone and we have the tools to face this challenge together.

As u-planner, we want to emphasize the importance of leadership in times of crisis, we are concerned about the well-being and health of our team, clients, partners, the educational community and the general public; it is for the same reason that we understand that today, our priority is to coordinate a joint work in order to meet this challenge.

Thus, we are already adapting our solutions, so, they respond to the social commitment we have, for the support and continuation of the operations of the HEI, and as an Edtech company trying to minimize the impact that this situation has on education, which it is affecting everyone equally.

Working with technology for education is something that inspires and motivates us, that is how at times like this, we feel more than ever the called upon to support and resolve the new needs of Higher Education Institutions; education is changing and the online transition is a mandatory task, but even more so, a challenge that will bring multiple benefits to all members of the educational community.

Each of u-planner collaborators has reaffirmed their commitment, both with their vocation to transform Higher Education, and with society; aware of the potential of technology to turn these challenges into opportunities for the education and development of the countries. Likewise, we have taken all precautionary measures to protect the health of our staff and continue to be 100% operational, providing the highest quality service.

At u-planner, our commitment is to provide the educational community with innovative solutions that help them deal with this crisis and serve as the foundation for a new blended educational strategy. In this urgent context and with the help of specialists in Higher Education, we have worked together nonstop to adapt our solutions to the current context we are facing.

We want to collaborate and support the education community and the HEIs, by giving free licenses during this contingency of the adaptation of our solutions such as:

  1. Transformation and design of academic programs to an online and blended modality
  2. Transfer of classes, students, teachers and schedules to LMS systems and Microsoft Teams
  3. Analytics of student learning on LMS platforms
  4. Syllabus integration to LMS
  5. Mobile App to improve collaboration and communication between the educational community
  6. Virtual assistant (AI chatbot) for student welfare


Our solutions support the virtual strategy of institutions through an intelligent layer (AI), data science and machine learning, adapting to a new educational model, evaluating quality and promoting communication for a better student experience.

A few weeks ago we decided to postpone one of the most important events that we carry out as a company, the VI Summit High Performance In Higher Education: The University of the Future; an instance of utmost relevance for the issues that are now relevant, mainly because we firmly believe that a campus that incorporates technology in its processes, will be able to have an effective response in less time to crises like the one we are experiencing.

We recognize the need to exchange experiences and maintain the flow of information that contributes in the implementation of virtual strategies to the entire educational community. That is why we have developed an open resource repository for any visitor, where they can learn best practices, tips and strategies, hence, this online transition is a path that we walk together and arrive at the best of solutions.

We thank our strategic partners and Advisors for the collaborative work. Thanks to them, we understand that generating community is the only way to get ahead.

We invite you to contact our team directly and visit our website for more information on these solutions .

We know that facing this challenge will not be easy, but today, more than ever, we feel the urgency to actively participate in this process, due to our commitment to those in need and to all those who have not stopped their work in order to help others. It is essential for us to integrate and act as members of a global community, working together to change the world through education.


Juan Pablo Mena

CEO of u-planner