Case Studies

Discover how ISIL achieved an improvement in its retention rate and an optimal planning thanks to Planning.
Faculty of Engineering Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Discover how the UC Engineering Faculty achieved ABET accreditation with the help of the Assessment solution.
Aliat Universidades
Discover how Aliat Universities undergoes digital transformation, setting an example for a high performance institution.
University of Washington
Discover how the University of Washington analyzes its infrastructure management and time policies with u-planner tools.
How technology improves operational efficiency in higher education 
Classroom management, course section grouping and schedule planning are just a few activities involving high workloads, manual tasks and low-to-non-existent automation. Learn how technology improves operational efficiency in higher education.
Accreditation V2-1
Strategies to get ready to start an accreditation process
This ebook will provide you with strategies widely used in Higher Education that help institutions today get ready to start an accreditation process.
Retention ENG V2
How to improve student retention in Higher Education in the US
Higher Education institutions in the US face new challenges to meet a growing set of demands as well as political, financial, and social pressures to deliver quality education to students. Student retention is at the top of the list.
Technology ENG V2

Tips to choose a technology solution for higher education management

Rather than choosing a supplier, universities need a match with the right partner. However, there are so many solutions in the market, so choosing the right option for the right area is a hard, daunting issue.

Simulación ENG V2
Higher education technology for efficient academic processes
In this Ebook we will simulate how to manage these challenges and opportunities to improve these critical processes using higher education technology solutions.
Strategies and best practices to improve student retention and engagement
This Ebook offers case studies, academic analysis, recent global data, and different perspectives of higher education institutions from Europe, United States and Australia to discover the opportunities that lie beneath this global concern.