u-planner announces strategic partnership agreement with Doctums Global

The company is bringing u-planner to the USA and Canada.

High Performance for Education

We offer solutions based on our own mathematical algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for data analysis of higher education institutions.

We look for universities to achieve high performance, adding new resources to their strategic plan, always with the focus on ensuring the main quality indicators.

Why u-planner?

Educational Quality

Improves experience of students, teachers and administrators.

Optimizes processes and the use of infrastructure and resources.

Increases competitiveness and institutional prestige.


Microsoft: Global Partner of the Year 2017 in Education

IE University enlightED Prize for the “Best Startup in Higher Education.”

Chilean Academy of Engineering and CORFO: Award for Technological Innovation.


Hemos logrado beneficios en varios segmentos; mejora en la planeación de nuestros escenarios académicos, la integración de nuestros estudiantes en materias interdisciplinarias, lo que incrementa el aprendizaje; uso eficiente de salones ampliando los marcos horarios, etc…

Rafael Campos


Aliat Universidades

u-planner is doing a tremendous job innovating and using data to drive impact and insight for institutions to help students in classrooms of today create the future of tomorrow.

Anthony Salcito

Vice President of Education


A partir de la implementación de varias de las recomendaciones de u-planner, logramos que a pesar de un crecimiento de un 20 a 30%, la capacidad utilizada en términos de aulas se reduzca.

Enrique Stiglich

Director de Administración y Finanzas


u-improve y u-learning nos permiten tener esas visiones macro y homogenizar la forma en que estamos entregando los syllabus hacia nuestros estudiantes.

Rodolfo Paredes

Director General de Planificación y Registro Curricular


u-improve is useful for students, for fellow academics, for the accreditation process, the design of a curriculum, and checking the curriculum is actually meeting its objectives.

Judy Kay


School of Computer Science

The University of Sydney

The really important development came with u-improve in the learning outcomes area. The outcome specifications are more consistent, more intelligible, more meaningful, and more available.

Tim Lever

Educational Designer and Curriculum Systems Developer

The University of Sydney


New eBook

How technology improves operational efficiency in higher education.

HEI have learned to live with the pain of carrying out processes without technology. Classroom management, course section grouping and schedule planning are just a few activities involving high workloads, manual tasks and low-to-non-existent automation.

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More than 70 educational institutions trust u-planner solutions, ranging from small and medium institutions up to the most prestigious and highly ranked universities.

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