u-planner supports your online strategy transition

Given the situation derived from COVID-19, u-planner supports the current and future needs and challenges of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), by adapting its solutions and offering free licenses for the implementation of their virtual strategies.

Collaboration is key

Given the crisis in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts of the world community have focused on safeguarding and preventing contagion through social distancing. This has meant an increase in the use of technologies and has required HEIs to change, adapt and take a sudden step towards online education.

At u-planner, our commitment is to provide the educational community with innovative solutions that help them deal with this crisis and serve as the foundation for the future towards a blended educational strategy.

Fast implementation solutions

Our technological solutions apply mathematical algorithms, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence on the information that HEIs already have available today.

This way, it is possible to adapt to a new educational model by Optimizing resources, Assessing performance, and promoting an ongoing communication to improve Student Experience and engagement, facilitating the adoption of online education.




  • Optimize schedules for online learning modality
  • Integrate academic programming to virtual environments





  • Standardize courses, grades, and syllabi
  • Track learning process

Student Experience



  • Complete user experience
  • Chat and communicationss
  • Virual assistant

Toward Digital Transformation

Our solutions are part of a process that adapts the data currently available at HEIs, optimizes them, and makes them accessible to students through our proprietary or third-party applications.

How can we support your transition to an online strategy?

Committed to the continuous improvement of higher education, we are available to help you solve the challenges that lie ahead.