u-planning aims to assist institutions of higher education in their academic planning process.

It generates groups or sections in each course/degree, simulates different timetables, and automatically assigns professors to each section with the corresponding class schedule.


  • Efficient schedule planning systematization.
  • Assigns the best teacher taking into consideration variables such as assessment, cost per hour, schedule availability and transfer times.
  • Analyzes various simulated scenarios in minutes, enabling improved resource use.
  • Decreases planning time.
  • Saves resources.


  • Creates student groups or sections for each subject for future academic periods while minimizing the number of sections that result.
  • Automatically assigns a schedule for each class that respects the date-setting rules of each course and degree program.
  • Assigns the best teacher to each section as a function of variables entered by the user that respects schedule availability fulfilling the instructor role.
  • Respects the group schedule compatibility.
  • Considers transit time between building or on campus to create schedules.

u-improve is useful for students, for fellow academics, for the accreditation process, the design of a curriculum, and checking the curriculum is actually meeting its objectives.

Judy Kay


School of Computer Science

The University of Sydney

u-planner is doing a tremendous job innovating and using data to drive impact and insight for institutions to help students in classrooms of today create the future of tomorrow.

Anthony Salcito

Vice President of Education


Hemos logrado beneficios en varios segmentos; mejora en la planeación de nuestros escenarios académicos, la integración de nuestros estudiantes en materias interdisciplinarias, lo que incrementa el aprendizaje; uso eficiente de salones ampliando los marcos horarios, etc…

Rafael Campos


Aliat Universidades

En u-planner podemos ver a un par que nos está acompañando, cualquier inquietud o duda hay una respuesta inmediata.

Miguel Bravo

Director Administrativo

Universidad del Pacífico de Perú

The system is vital to the process of accreditation. It allows us to map units of study, individual assessments, to the outcomes of a complete degree program.

Dr. Douglas Auld

Head Teacher

Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

The University of Sydney

u-improve y u-learning nos permiten tener esas visiones macro y homogenizar la forma en que estamos entregando los syllabus hacia nuestros estudiantes.

Rodolfo Paredes

Director General de Planificación y Registro Curricular



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