Keys on how to motivate students

Many factors affect student motivation, such as their interest in the subject, the perception they have about the use of it, and their patience amongst other things. It´s important to maintain student motivation levels since motivation has an incredibly important influence in learning and overall student success and student achievement.  There are many studies about […]

8 indicators of the benefits of technology in education

In 2015, technology is becoming a natural part of people. It´s all around us, from workplace to our closest family circles and in our homes. In this digital process, education plays a significant role, not only lets students get necessary abilities to survive in this society focused in the technological knowledge, but also contributes in their […]

Dropping studies at higher education and the benefits of continuing

Having a significant number of students dropping studies at higher education means a great loss of the investment done for their development, and limits their possibilities of having better employment opportunities. In Chile, higher education coverage has increased significantly. In 2006, according to the figures from The Ministry of Education net coverage was of 34%. […]